Delivery by tractor

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You play as a tractor driver. Like "Hill Climb" only on a tractor and with a trailer.
Your task is to collect the required number of fruits and deliver them to the customer.

The more products you deliver, the more coins you will receive, and you will receive bonus coins for completing the order.
With coins, you can upgrade your tractor, as well as purchase a new tractor or trailer.

Show who is the best deliveryman on a tractor!

Movement: Keyboard arrows or buttons
A - back
S or Spacebar - handbrake
D - forward
W or V - shake the tree.

1) Drive up to a tree with fruit and shake it (pressing the tree or the "W" key) to collect fruit in the trailer body;
2) Using the management, take the cargo to the customer;
3) Upgrade your tractor and trailer to fulfill orders.